Glorious Past


When and how J.V.N.P was born ?

National Council of Education, Bengal was established by National leaders during the British rule on March 11, 1906. Sri Aurobindo and Rabindranath Tagore conjoined with the galaxy of luminaries forming the Council’s first faculty. The National Council of Education, Bengal which is the parent body of the Jadavpur University 1955 is also the founder of Jadavpur Vidyapith which was established on 11th March, 1957.


Why J.V.N.P was born?

In a discussion with other fellow members and professors of National Council of Education, Bengal- Dr. Triguna Sen raised an issue about the Council’s activity in his chamber at the “Aurobindo Bhawan”. He put forth the suggestion of setting up a model school on the remaining two bighas of land that lay vacant in the possession of the National Council. Thus the journey started.

Keeping pace with the ardent desire of Dr. Triguna Sen, a sub-committee was formed to design the course curriculum and syllabus structure of the school. In February 1957, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, President of the council approved the establishment of the school on the basis of the recommendations of the sub-committee.


After birth the first step it took

Setting up of a primary section in their initial stage under the guidance of the teachers. The course curriculum was designed in such a way that the students could be naturally motivated to study and learn. No definite textbooks were prescribed in the first year.


Golden Jubilee Celebration

The first reunion of the ex-students of J.V.N&P to mark the Golden Jubilee of the foundation of school was held on December 17, 2006 in the school premises. About 1400 pupil including ex-students, invitees, Committee Members and the staff were present. The whole day programme included breakfast, lunch, and evening tea, game shows and a dip into the past. The programme ended with fireworks. The General Secretary, N.C. E. B. Sri Himendu Biswas thanked sincerely the school as a whole for organizing such a ceremony. The letter itself is being annexed.

Admission Procedure.

Admission is subject to the availability of seats and fulfillment of the admission criteria for academic year 2019.

Prospectus and Admission Forms for session 2022 issued on 04th July, 2021

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