Co-curricular Activities


Co-Curricular (Indoor):

Art & Craft :Trained teachers take Art & Craft classes once in a week.

Music :Students learn Bengali folk songs, Nazrul Geeti, Rabindra Sangeet in their weekly music class.

Library : The school is enriched with a library containing more than 12,500 books for which two consecutive classes for each class are held.

Hobby class :Our school conducts special hobby classes on Saturdays. Students of our school as well as others join the classes. Learners get extensive training in recitation, painting, dancing, games and music by eminent personalities.

Competition :Create interest in different co-curricular activities, different competitions are organized by the school. students take part in Cricket, drawing, recitation handwriting and quiz with full enthusiasm.


Functions :

Sarodotsav :The school children traditionally welcome the arrival of Ma Durga with singing, dancing accompanied by the beats of dhak and Kanshi. The annual function –cum prize distribution fosters the spirit of togetherness and explores the cultural heritage. Celebrities of different fields are invited to grace the occasion.

Book Fair : Since 2017 a book fair is being organized in our school campus on the occasion on Netaji’s birth anniversary offering a fair ground experience with book flavor.

dining :
To foster the “we” feeling among the children, the feeling of family togetherness, our school organises programmes of community dining every year. The one on the occasion of the Saraswati Puja is strikingly popular when batches of students sit in rows and have their dishes served by their teachers.

Bandhan :
Raksha Bandhan is a memorable day in the history of National Council of Education of Bengal. This day is observed in our school when the students of class IV tie rakhis to the students of the junior classes, teachers and staff of the school. All are treated with sweets.


Co-Curricular (Outdoor) :

Games :There is a big play ground for the students where the P.T. teachers make them exercise regularly and coach them different games like football, Kabadi, cricket and table tennis.

Sports :The spirit of sportsmanship and team bonding can be easily induced to the students through sports and games. The students of primary section participate in 10-12 different athletic items and several colorful, amusing outdoor games competition are kept for Nursery section. The program ends with Go as you like competition and prize distribution.

of Great
Men’s Day :
We celebrate birth anniversaries of great men with solemn grandeur. For Rabindranath Tagore and Florence Nightingale we have cultural programs. On Netaji Subhas’ birthday, a drawing competition for the students is held after the hoisting of our National flag. The birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda is celebrated on January 12 which is followed by the Annual Sports.

Day :
The students of class-IV take the junior classes and perform different cultural programs on this auspicious day. Teachers are offered a treat on this day.

Day :
The class teachers explain the significance of Children’s day to the students who are entertained with ice creams and sweets.

Prayer :Before the school starts, the students of all classes gather in the assembly and pray together. On every Friday students of class IV delivery a short speech on a specific topic.

Exhibition :Annual exhibition is usually held once a year. The school children display their multidimensional ability in different handwork. It continues for 3 days.


Excursion :

Kishalay to III :The school conducts educational tours for the students of Kishalaya to class III.

Picnic (IV) :At the end of the session we arrange an excursion cum picnic for the outgoing students of class IV.

Picnic (staff) :The teachers, non-teaching staff and our office staff together enjoy an educational tour-cum picnic in the month of February.

Our Sponsor


With the sponsorship of Target Charity, London, our School successfully has set up a well equipped computer lab, Suparna Biswas Memorial Computer Centre, big enough to accommodate 40 students. Presently classes for class I, II, III and IV students are being held.Every year Mr. Amit Dey and Mrs. Ingrid Day on Target Charity..



Trust of Mumbai Branch of Jadavpur University Alumni Association confers every year Scholarships to four needy but meritorious students.

The School At A Glance


LocationAddress - 188 Raja Subodh Chandra Mallick Road,
Kolkata - 700 032, India.
The school is inside the Jadavpur University campus. Building Four storied building with well-lighted, airy and spacious classrooms for Primary section.

Admission Procedure.

Admission is subject to the availability of seats and fulfillment of the admission criteria. for academic year 2025.

Kishalaya :DOB from 01.01.2020 to 31.12.2020

Nursery :DOB from 01.01.2019 to 31.12.2019